EFAST Course


 Extended Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (eFAST)

Extended Focused Assessment With Sonography For Trauma (eFAST) is one of the most commonly used emergency ultrasound or Point-Of-Care Ultrasound protocols. It is a protocol that we use in trauma patients.


The early diagnosis of a bleeding trauma patient is essential for better patient care. Unfortunately, it is proven that our physical exam findings are not perfect in every case. Therefore, using a bedside tool in addition to the physical examination can improve patient management.


As a 21st-century medical student/young physician, you must learn how to use this tool to provide more comprehensive and accurate care to your patients.


This course aims to provide the necessary information on ultrasonography, its use in a multiply injured trauma patient, and to prepare you for an eFAST practice session.



#At the end of this course, you will be able to;

Describe the basics of ultrasound (terminology, knobology, image acquisition, artifacts, etc.)

Describe indications of eFAST

Describe patient and machine preparations

Describe ultrasound examination windows

Recognize normal anatomical structures

Recognize abnormal findings

Feel confident to take practical eFAST session

#Who can get benefit from this course?

Junior and senior medical students (course specifically designed for these groups)

Interns/Junior emergency medicine residents/registrars


The candidates who successfully pass final summative assessment of the course will be provided course completion certificate.


The course content is prepared and curated from EgRC ( The Egyptian Resuscitation Council)