MIMMS Course

Seize the opportunity and get the European certificate 

#MIMMS (Major Incident Medical Management and Support) 

#The course accredited from ALS group UK& NATO operations .

# international certificate.

#Course Outlines:

_Focusing on how to deliver the medical support needed to multiple casualties

_The only international standard in major incident medical management

_Concerned with the clinical management of a major incident at the scene 

_Aimed at candidates from medical, nursing, paramedic, medical commanders and medical    planners’ background

#Course Objectives:

_Understanding of the organisations, structures and roles in managing major incidents and how they work together

_The preparation and implementation a structured approach when responding to major incidents

_Delivery of the medical support needed at major incidents, through triage, treatment and transport.

#Aspects Covered:

preparation, communications/ radio procedures, command and control and triage through series of interactive lectures, skills stations, workshops, triage exercises, table-top exercises and practical exercises without casualties 


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