About us

Egyptian Resuscitation Council

Egyptian Resuscitation Council is a non governmental – non for profit organization in the fields of trauma, emergency medicine, resuscitation and disaster management in Egypt and the arab countries.

EgRC is the first non-European Full member in European Resuscitation Council

EgRC vision is to disseminate knowledge and train both medical and non-medical candidates in different fields and to achieve the following Objectives:

  • To disseminate and organize training courses in the field of Resuscitation, trauma, emergency and disaster medicine.
  • To promote public and government awareness of requirements and practices in the above fields. 
  • To help healthcare organization to standardize and update Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Departments and Critical Care units
  • To promote & encourage appropriate research in the relevant specialties
  • To organize relevant scientific meetings and workshops in Egypt
  • To conduct a critical review of CPR, pediatric life support & trauma care practice & to advise on updating guidelines
  • To design teaching program suitable for all trainees ranging from the lay public to the qualified physician. 
  • To promote audit of resuscitation practice in different health organizations

Egyptian Resuscitation Council