European Trauma Course (ETC)


5 Years of validity for ONE certificate accredited from 4 entities

1- The European society of trauma and emergency surgery (ESTES)

2- European Resuscitation Council (ERC),

3- European Society for Emergency Medicine (ESEM)

4- European Society of Anesthesiology (ESA)


Target audience: Doctors from all specialties and other highly qualified medical health care professionals

Hands-on part: 3 days

Validity certificate: 5 years

#Learned skills

Team approach

Leadership and task allocation within a trauma team

Responsibilities of a trauma team member

Communication within the team

Communication with non-team members (ambulance control, paramedics, non-medical staff, patient and his/her family, other specialists)

#Resuscitation skills

Patient assessment and prioritising

Airway management

Shock recognition and treatment

Recognition and treatment of:

Traumatic brain injury

Thoracic injuries

Abdominal and pelvic injuries

Spinal injuries

Injuries to the extremities

Thermal injuries

Special aspects of trauma care

X-ray and CT interpretation

#Advanced knowledge and skills:

Prioritising in the multi-trauma patient

Decision-making under pressure

Trauma management and advanced treatment plans

Cooperation between specialties