Newborn Life Support (NLS)


The course accredited from "ERC" European Resuscitation Council, valid for 3 years


This is a one-day course 

knowledge and skills to:

• approach the management of a newborn infant requiring assistance during the first 10-20 minutes in a competent manner;

• understand the processes underlying apnoea, bradycardia and poor condition at birth;

• initiate resuscitation of the newborn infant;

• deliver practical airway management and ventilatory support. 



• Target audience: All healthcare workers

• Theory: Online course on CoSy

• Hands-on part: 1 day (minimum 7hrs excluding breaks)

• Validity certificate: 3 years (but NRCs are free to set validity from 1 to 5 years)


Learned skills

• Anticipating problems at birth

• Handling of equipment

• Strategies to manage situations where lung inflation is unsuccessful

• Airway management, and lung inflation and aeration

• Direct laryngoscopic inspection of the oropharynx

• Delivery of chest compressions

• Obtaining umbilical venous access

• Management of newborn emergencies

• Communication and teamwork


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